Crypter ClassCryptSharp
Crypts and verifies passwords. The main class for most uses of this library.
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OnlineSystem Object
  CryptSharp Crypter
    CryptSharp BlowfishCrypter
    CryptSharp ExtendedDesCrypter
    CryptSharp LdapCrypter
    CryptSharp MD5Crypter
    CryptSharp PhpassCrypter
    CryptSharp ShaCrypter
    CryptSharp TraditionalDesCrypter

Namespace: CryptSharp
Assembly: CryptSharp (in CryptSharp.dll) Version:

public abstract class Crypter

using CryptSharp;

// Crypt using the Blowfish crypt ("BCrypt") algorithm. 
string cryptedPassword = Crypter.Blowfish.Crypt(password);
using CryptSharp;

// Do the passwords match? 
// You can also check a password using the Crypt method, but this approach way is easier. 
bool matches = Crypter.CheckPassword(testPassword, cryptedPassword);
using CryptSharp;

// Specify the $apr1$ Apache htpasswd variant of the MD5 crypt algorithm. 
string cryptedPassword = Crypter.MD5.Crypt(password, new CrypterOptions()
        { CrypterOption.Variant, MD5CrypterVariant.Apache }
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