NetIrc2 NamespaceNetIRC2 IRC Client Library for .NET

NetIRC2 is an easy-to-use .NET IRC client library. It supports all major features relevant to making a chat client or bot.

NetIRC2 has full support for synchronization contexts. You can use it from a Windows Forms or WPF GUI thread and chat events will be automatically dispatched, allowing you to completely ignore multithreading. It uses byte arrays internally so mixed encodings can be handled. The IrcClient class can even be used as a component in the Forms Designer.

Because it speeds up connect times with some IRC servers, an Ident server is included as well.


Public classIdentServer
Answers requests using the Ident protocol (RFC 1413). Many IRC servers try to connect to a client's Ident server.
Public classIrcClient
Communicates with an Internet Relay Chat server.
Public classIrcClientConnectionOptions
Provides options used by the Connect(String, Int32, IrcClientConnectionOptions) command.
Public classIrcIdentity
Stores an IRC user's identity information - their nickname, username, and hostname.
Public classIrcString
Allows string-style manipulation of arrays of bytes. IRC does not define an encoding, so this provides for encoding-agnostic parsing.

Public enumerationIrcReplyCode
Many of the common IRC error and reply codes.