VncFailureReason EnumerationRemoteViewing
Possible reasons a VncException is thrown.

Namespace: RemoteViewing.Vnc
Assembly: RemoteViewing (in RemoteViewing.dll) Version: (

public enum VncFailureReason

  Member nameValueDescription
Unknown0 Unknown reason.
WrongKindOfServer1 The server isn't a VNC server.
UnsupportedProtocolVersion2 RemoteViewing can't speak the protocol versions this server offers.
ServerOfferedNoAuthenticationMethods3 The server offered no authentication methods. This could mean that VNC is temporarily disabled.
NoSupportedAuthenticationMethods4 The server offered no supported authentication methods.
PasswordRequired5 A password was required to authenticate but wasn't supplied.
AuthenticationFailed6 Authentication failed. This could mean you supplied an incorrect password.
UnsupportedPixelFormat7 The server specified a pixel format RemoteViewing doesn't support.
NetworkError8 A network error occured. The connection may have been lost.
SanityCheckFailed9 The server sent a value that seems unreasonable. This shouldn't happen in normal conditions.
UnrecognizedProtocolElement10 The server sent an unrecognized protocol element. This shouldn't happen in normal conditions.
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