EksBlowfishKeyExpansionFlags EnumerationCryptSharp
Modifiers for Expensive Key Schedule (EKS) Blowfish key expansion behavior.

Namespace: CryptSharp.Utility
Assembly: CryptSharp (in CryptSharp.dll) Version:

public enum EksBlowfishKeyExpansionFlags

  Member nameValueDescription
None0 Default behavior.
EmulateCryptBlowfishSignExtensionBug1 The EksBlowfish code in CryptSharp was implemented as per the specification at http://static.usenix.org/event/usenix99/provos/provos_html/node4.html. Many other BCrypt implementations, however, are ports originating originating with the crypt_blowfish C implementation. Pre-2011, crypt_blowfish had a sign extension bug that caused up to three characters previous to any 8-bit character to match 0xFF. CryptSharp never had this bug. However, for those who need backwards compatibility for old password databases created with one of these libraries, I have added *support* for the bug. You can enable it with this flag.
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