CryptSharp.Utility NamespaceCryptSharp
These classes are not directly related to the crypt functionality, but most were necessary for its implementation, so I see no reason not to make them available. You may find them useful for other purposes.

Public classBase16Encoding
Base-16 binary-to-text encodings.
Public classBase2Encoding
Base-2 binary-to-text encodings.
Public classBase32Encoding
Base-32 binary to text encodings. I needed multiple variations of base-64 for the various crypt algorithms, and base-16 (hex) for test vectors, so base-32 is mostly a freebie. It's great for e-mail verifications, product keys - really anywhere you need someone to type in a randomly-generated code.
Public classBase64Encoding
Base-64 binary-to-text encodings.
Public classBaseEncoding
Performs generic binary-to-text encoding.
Public classBlowfishCipher
Performs low-level encryption and decryption using the Blowfish cipher.
Public classDesCipher
Performs low-level encryption and decryption using the DES cipher.
Public classPbkdf2
Implements the PBKDF2 key derivation function.
Public classSalsa20Core
Implements the Salsa20 hash function.
Public classSCrypt
Implements the SCrypt key derivation function.
Public classSecureComparison
Provides comparison methods resistant to timing attack.

Public delegateBaseEncodingDecodeFilterCallback
A callback to map arbitrary characters onto the characters that can be decoded.

Public enumerationEksBlowfishKeyExpansionFlags
Modifiers for Expensive Key Schedule (EKS) Blowfish key expansion behavior.