ENet Class Library for C#

Host Methods

The methods of the Host structure are listed below. For a complete list of Host structure members, see the Host Members topic.

Public Instance Methods

Broadcast Broadcast a packet to all peers.
CheckEvents Checks for queued events.
CompressWithRangeEncoder Enables compression using the range encoder.
ConnectOverloaded. Connects to a remote computer at the given host and port.
Dispose Destroys the host.
DoNotCompress Disables compression.
Flush Sends queued packets immediately. Normally they are sent when you call Service.
GetType (inherited from Object)
Initialize Initialize a host that will accept connections on a particular address, or not accept connections.
InitializeClient Initialize a host that will not accept connections.
InitializeServer Initialize a host that will accept connections on any IP address.
Service Sends queued outgoing packets, receives incoming packets, and handles connection events.
SetBandwidthLimit Set the bandwidth limit.
SetChannelLimit Set the channel limit.
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Protected Instance Methods

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