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Peer overview

Public Static (Shared) Operators

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Public Instance Constructors

Peer Constructor Initializes a peer based on a native C peer.

Public Instance Properties

Host Gets the host associated with this peer.
IsInitialized Returns true if the peer is initialized.
NativeData Gets or sets the native C peer.
State Gets the peer state.
UserData Gets or sets the user data associated with this peer.

Public Instance Methods

ConfigureThrottle Configures throttling. ENet measures lag over an interval, and alters its throttle parameter based on individual packet round-trip times versus the mean. This parameter controls the probability ENet will drop an unreliable packet. If a packet has a smaller round-trip time than average, the parameter is increased by the acceleration term, causing less packets to be dropped. If a packet has a larger round-trip time than average, the parameter is decreased by the deceleration term, causing more packets to be dropped.
Disconnect Gracefully disconnects from the remote computer. A disconnect event occurs.
DisconnectLater Gracefully disconnects from the remote computer after all outgoing data has been sent. A disconnect event occurs.
DisconnectNow Immediately disconnects from the remote computer. A disconnect packet is sent unreliably. No event occurs.
GetRemoteAddress Gets the remote address.
GetType (inherited from Object)
Ping Sends a ping to the remote computer.
Receive Dequeue a received packet.
Reset Resets the connection to the remote computer. No disconnect packets are sent, and no event occurs.
SendOverloaded. Enqueues a packet for sending using the given data and flags.
SetPingInterval Sets the interval between pings. ENet will automatically send pings when it hasn't received anything from the remote computer.
SetTimeouts Sets timeouts for a response from the remote computer acknowledging its receipt of a reliable packet. When the timeouts are exceeded, a disconnect event occurs.
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