IrcClient LogIn Method NetIRC2 IRC Client Library for .NET
Logs in to the server.

Namespace: NetIrc2
Assembly: NetIrc2 (in NetIrc2.dll) Version: (

public void LogIn(
	IrcString username,
	IrcString realname,
	IrcString nickname,
	IrcString hostname = null,
	IrcString servername = null,
	IrcString password = null


Type: NetIrc2 IrcString
A username. If you aren't using a password, this can be anything you want.
Type: NetIrc2 IrcString
Your real name, or some made up name.
Type: NetIrc2 IrcString
The IRC nickname to use.
hostname (Optional)
Type: NetIrc2 IrcString
The hostname to send, or null to send a default value.
servername (Optional)
Type: NetIrc2 IrcString
The servername to send, or null to send a default value.
password (Optional)
Type: NetIrc2 IrcString
The connection password, or null to not use one.
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