IrcClientConnectionOptions PropertiesNetIRC2 IRC Client Library for .NET
The IrcClientConnectionOptions type exposes the following members.

Public propertySsl
true to use SSL.
Public propertySslCertificateValidationCallback
The SSL certificate validation callback. If you are using SSL, the callback is not set, and the SSL certificate is invalid, the connection will fail. This can be used to offer the user an option to connect despite the invalid SSL certificate.
Public propertySslHostname
The SSL hostname. You must set this if you are using SSL.
Public propertySynchronizationContext
The synchronization context for the connection. If this is null, IRC events will be raised in an arbitrary thread. If this is not null, all IRC events will be posted to the synchronization context. By default, the synchronization context is captured at construction time. What this means: If you create and use the IRC client from a Windows Forms, WPF, or other GUI thread, events will be raised on the same thread and you will not have to worry about multithreading at all.
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