HidSharp NamespaceHIDSharp
HidSharp wraps HID APIs for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Use DeviceList.Local to enumerate HidDevice objects, and then open the HidDevice to get a HidStream.

Public classDevice
Public classDeviceException
Public classDeviceFilterHelper
Public classDeviceList
Provides a list of all available devices.
Public classDeviceListChangedEventArgs
Public classDeviceStream
Public classFilteredDeviceList
Public classHidDevice
Represents a USB HID class device.
Public classHidStream
Communicates with a USB HID class device.
Public classImplementationDetail
Specifies the Device's low-level implementation.
Public classOpenConfiguration
Describes all options for opening a device stream.
Public classOpenOption
Options for opening a device stream.
Public classSerialDevice
Represents a serial device.
Public classSerialStream
Communicates with a serial device.

Public delegateDeviceFilter
Public delegateOpenOptionDeserializeCallback
Public delegateOpenOptionSerializeCallback

Public enumerationOpenPriority
The priority at which to open a device stream.