Crypter Crypt Method (String, String)CryptSharp
Creates a one-way password hash (crypted password) from a password string and a salt string. The salt can be produced using GenerateSalt(CrypterOptions). Because crypted passwords take the form algorithm+salt+hash, if you pass a crypted password as the salt parameter, the same algorithm and salt will be used to re-crypt the password. Since randomness comes from the salt, the same salt means the same hash, and so the same crypted password will result. Therefore, this method can both generate *and* verify crypted passwords.

Namespace: CryptSharp
Assembly: CryptSharp (in CryptSharp.dll) Version:

public string Crypt(
	string password,
	string salt


Type: OnlineSystem String
The password string. Characters are UTF-8 encoded.
Type: OnlineSystem String
The salt string or crypted password containing a salt string.

Return Value

The crypted password.
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