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The VncControl type exposes the following members.

Public methodVncControl
Initializes a new instance of the VncControl.
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Public propertyAllowClipboardSharingFromServer
If enabled, clipboard changes on the remote VNC server will alter the local clipboard.
Public propertyAllowClipboardSharingToServer
If enabled, local clipboard changes will be sent to the remote VNC server.
Public propertyAllowInput
Whether the control should send input to the server, or act only as a viewer. By default, this is true.
Public propertyAllowRemoteCursor
Whether the local cursor is allowed to be hidden. By default, this is true.
Public propertyClient
The VncClient being interacted with. By default, this is a new instance. Call Connect(String, Int32, VncClientConnectOptions) on it to get things up and running quickly.
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Public eventClosed
Occurs when the VNC client is disconnected.
Public eventConnected
Occurs when the VNC client has successfully connected to the remote server.
Public eventConnectionFailed
Occurs when the VNC client has failed to connect to the remote server.
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